Primary choirs

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Directors: teacher-expert Nina Timofejeva, supervisor teachers Jurgita Dirgėlaitė and Diana Mickevičiūtė  

Teachers: teachers supervisors Diana Mickevičiūtė, Jurgita Dirgėlaitė, teachers-experts Jolita Vaitkevičienė and Audronė Steponavičiūtė Zupkauskienė 

Concertmasters: Jurgita Danienė 


    Pirmos klasÄ—s choras2 kl. chorasTrečios kl. choras


     The initial singing skills are developed by teachers of primary choir school:  D. Mickevičiūtė, N. Timofejeva, J. Dirgėlaitė and J. Danienė are the concertmasters, who accompany the choirs of first, second and third grades.


    These choirs` girls, besides singing, are taught musical script, are playing chosen musical instruments and are given basis of culture knowledge. Primary choirs participate in many public seminars, festivals and National Song Celebrations, organize concert trips around Lithuania.